frequently asked questions

1.   I know I have multiple advisors. Who answers what questions?

General, or cohort, advisors advise on General Education requirements, assist with policy and procedure (like requesting to late drop a class, GPA recalculation, and petitions) and keep track of your general progress toward graduation. They make campus referrals and holistically advise on questions you may have. All LAS students have an assigned cohort advisor which is listed on your DARS. 

Departmental, or major/minor, advisors, advise on your major and minor. Declaring majors or minors, four year course plans, what you can do with a certain degree, and specific questions about major and minor courses are all topics covered by departmental advisors. 

Pre-professional advisors assist students with their plans after UIC—medical school, law school, veterinary programs, etc.

2.   How do I contact my advisors? Where are their offices? What are their hours? 

Click for contact information for GeneralDepartmental, and Pre-Professional advisors.

Appointments - You can make appointments with all three types of advisors through *

Walk-ins - All advisors hold walk-in hours on Tuesdays, although hours may vary by department.* General advisors also offer walk-in advising every day for the first two weeks and during finals week of the fall semester.

*Except for advisors of MATH, STAT, MCS, GLAS, and "Teaching of” majors. Contact them directly for their availability.

3.   What are walk-in hours?

Walk-ins are offered on designated days (see #2 above) and are for specific questions that can be answered in less than 15 minutes. Walk-ins do not require an appointment and students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. For more significant questions or long-term planning, schedule an appointment at

4.   How do I satisfy the  foreign language requirement ?

Check out the Undergraduate Catalog for a list of options. Consult your LAS general advisor with any specific questions.

Tip: If you have experience with any foreign language, take the UIC placement test by requesting it through the portal. If you are fluent in a language that is not on this list, please contact your LAS general advisor.

5.   What can I do with my LAS degree?

Excellent question! To start, visit the LAS Career Development website. Sign up for any of the LAS major and career exploration events at For more specific discussion regarding your major and your interests, contact a departmental advisor

6.   Where do I send my transcripts/AP scores?

If you took classes outside of UIC, or AP exams prior to enrolling, you'll need to send results to UIC Admissions

Official paper documents can be mailed, or hand delivered, to the Office of Admissions in the originally sealed envelope. Official documents that have been opened and/or resealed or repackaged will not be accepted as official.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions, MC 018
University of Illinois at Chicago
Suite 1100 Student Services Building
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7161

7.    Can you send me my transcript?

All transcript requests are handled through UIC's Office of the Registrar. Click here for information about how to request transcripts. 

8. Can I graduate with just a pre-professional ed goal?

No.  Educational goals are indicators you are pursuing additional education past your undergraduate degree (such as pre-med, pre-law, pre-dentistry). Pre-professional educational goals are not majors in LAS. Students who have an educational goal must also have a declared major to be eligible to graduate from LAS. See the UIC Undergraduate Catalog for more information. 

9.   I’m intending on taking classes at a community college, what do I need to know?

Contact your general advisor! They can answer questions about how those courses will transfer in, the process, and whether or not you will earn credit. See the UIC Undergraduate Catalog for rules about transfer credit.

10.   How many credit hours do I need to take to be full time? How many credit hours am I allowed to take?

Students must register for at least 12 credit hours to be full time during the fall and spring semester. For the summer semester, 6 credits is full time.

If you are interested in taking more than 18 credit hours during fall or spring, or over 12 credits during the summer, see your general advisor. Students must be approved for a semester credit overload, which is not guaranteed. More information about this policy is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

11.   I’m struggling in a class. What campus resources are available to help me?

UIC offers tutoring and support programs for students struggling in a class. For additional and specific resources that are here to assist you, please contact your advisors. They're here to help!

12.   I need help understanding my bill and/or my financial aid.

Academic advisors do not have access to your financial information, nor are they trained to advise on financial matters. For questions regarding your financial aid (including FAFSA questions) please click here to find your contact within the Office of Student Financial Aid or call (312) 996-3126.  For concerns about financial holds and balances owed, please connect with the Office of Student Accounts Receivable at (312) 996-8574 or visit their website.