Fay Hnaihen (’15 English-Media, Rhetorical and Cultural Studies): Intern at NuZoo Media

by User Not Found | May 07, 2015

“This internship is the best asset on my resume. I have so much more to offer to employers now.”

Fay Hnaihen

UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student – Fay Hnaihen – didn’t know about the variety of career options for English majors. To help her figure out what profession she wanted to pursue, she registered for LAS internship courses.

From her internship courses, Fay learned how to write for the media while earning academic credit.

Fay’s internship was for NuZoo Media as an online marketing intern. “The company does graphic design, web design and video production,” stated Fay. “My job is to write blogs and transcribe and sync YouTube videos. I also do search engine optimization (SEO) to have our content rank higher.”

From her internship, Fay discovered a professional path that she wishes to pursue. “I didn’t even know what online marketing and search engine optimization was before this internship,” said Fay. “Now, this internship has steered me in a new direction.”

Fay plans on doing another internship in social media, online marketing and content writing before graduating. “Another internship will enhance the skills that I have learned at this internship and further prepare me for a career,” stated Fay.

Fay believes that internships help students transition from academia to professional work. “An internship helps you get real work experience before you go out into the real world,” said Fay. “You won’t be so shocked because things will be familiar to you after you have professional skills.

“This internship is the best asset on my resume,” concluded Fay. “I have so much more to offer to employers now.”