Sana Bell (’15 Political Science): Intern at Chicago Commission on Human Relations

by User Not Found | Apr 20, 2015

“Build strong connections with your supervisors and your coworkers because they can get you involved in the field that you are interested in.”

’15 Spring Political Science, Intern at Chicago Commission on Human Relations

Before her internship, graduating UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student – Sana Bell – wanted to fight for civil rights. “I wanted to work with civil rights lawyers and work on discrimination cases and help those who have been negatively affected by various policies.”

To help her transition into the professional world, Sana enrolled in LAS internship classes. Sana says that they were helpful because she was able to update her resume and share experiences with other students while earning academic credit.

Sana was the Public Service Intern for the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. “I attended various community events to inform people about the commission’s free legal services for people who have been discriminated against. I helped settle disputes prior to going to court. I also sat in on a delegation meeting with Syrian representatives who wanted to use the model of the Commissioner to help alleviate issues within their community.”

Sana’s favorite internship project, which took place at UIC, was eye-opening. “The Hate Crime Summit broadened my horizons and introduced me to discrimination against the LGBTQ community. I had the opportunity to openly discuss discrimination issues with those identified as LGBTQ.”

Sana’s internship helped her decide to go to law school. “I am still interested in being a civil rights lawyer for racial discrimination, but I also want to include sexual orientation discrimination.”

Sana recommends all LAS students to do an internship. “Build strong connections with supervisors and coworkers who can get you involved in the field,” concluded Sana.