Tom Bradach (’15 English and Philosophy): Intern at Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP)

by User Not Found | Apr 15, 2015

“It was my first big responsibility. Instead of them telling me what to do, they told me to draft the plan.”

Tom Bradach

UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences senior – Tom Bradach – enrolled in LAS internship classes to learn about career possibilities outside of academia.

Toms says that the LAS internship classes also helped him with his cover letters and taught him media writing, while he earned academic credit.

Tom interns for the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP), a nonprofit organization of pediatricians that advocate on behalf of children and families. “I work in the Child Development Initiative and the Communications department,” said Tom. “The two programs that I mostly work with are Reach Out and Read and Promoting Resiliency of Trauma-Exposed Communities Together (PROTECT). I manage the social media; I stay updated on child development sciences, learn what other programs around the country are doing and post about Governor Rauner’s budget cuts. I write promotional material, grants and mass emails. Occasionally, we get to visit the different pediatric hospitals to see what they are doing. I also help write grants.”

Tom finds his internship satisfying because he fights for issues that he supports and because he is given important responsibilities. “Through the intervention awareness work, I raised awareness of these programs and drafted a plan to raise awareness of what the budget cuts will do to them.”

Tom’s internship provided him with the skills to transition from academia to the professional arena, and it helped him realize that teaching may not be the profession for him.

“Everyone should do an internship,” concluded Tom. “Even if you do not feel like the internship is right for you, make sure you learn a lot.