Cover Letter Preparation Guide


2466 Goshen Drive
Oak Park, IL 60652

March 22, 2013

Jane Austin
Personnel Specialist
Austin Books
3110 Market Street
Chicago, IL 60623

Dear Jane Austin,

FIRST PARAGRAPH: State why you are writing, name the position or type of work for which you are applying and mention how you heard of the opening.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: Explain why you are interested in working for this employer; be sure to communicate to the employer that you identified and singled out their business and have not written every business in town. Your cover letter is the perfect place to demonstrate your writing ability, your grammar skills and your determination. Explain your reasons and qualifications for desiring this type of work and how you see yourself fitting into the company. Use company jargon where applicable. If you have had experience, be sure to point out your achievements by making reference to particular categories on your resume. Volunteer work or relevant course work may be addressed if appropriate.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: Have an appropriate closing to pave the way for the interview. Suggest convenient dates, expected response and what your plan of follow-up action will be. Your goal is to facilitate an immediate and favorable reply.


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