Getting Started

1. Assess your interests

The first step in your search is to assess your interests.

  • What kind of activities, environments and job functions interest you?
  • Are you exploring a particular career interest?
  • Are there particular companies you would like to intern with?
  • What industries are you most interested in?
  • Are you interested in a particular geographic area?
  • In what type of an environment would you feel most comfortable?
  • What are your skills? What skills do you wish to develop?
  • Are your skills compatible with your desired industry?

2. Assess your internship requirements

List any requirements you have for your internship.

  • Do you need to receive a stipend or salary? Could you afford to work for the experience only?
  • What skills are you trying to develop?
  • Would you need an internship that allows you to live at home? Or is there a particular geographic location where you would like to intern?
  • Do you need to rely on mass transportation?
  • Are you limited to a specific time period (i.e., summer) or specific hours?
  • Does your academic department have specific internship requirements?

3. Set your goals

Once you've assessed both your interests and requirements, it's time to set some concrete goals.

  • What kind of internship will help you combine your interests and requirements? For example, you might think:
    • I am a political science major and am very interested in interning in Washington, D.C. I need a stipend for living expenses.
    • I am interested in nonprofit work and would like to work with children.
    • I would love working with the elderly in an unpaid internship, but need to work in Chicago near mass transportation.
  • What kind of an internship will help you meet your career goals?
  • What sort of experience do you hope to gain with an internship?

4. Create your resume, cover letter and reference page

5. Make your appointment in the LAS Internship Program Office

To schedule an appointment, go to

If you have a rough draft of your resume and cover letter, please bring them to your first appointment.

Just Getting Started?  
If you need support with resume development, we can also review resources during this appointment in addition to the internship exploration process. 


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