Find Your Internship

Finding an internship is similar to searching for a full-time job. You need to go through the same steps: deciding what field you would like to pursue, researching it and identifying likely companies. You need to learn the fundamentals of a job search such as how to prepare a resume, how to write a business letter and how to search for an internship. The LAS Internship Program is here to guide you through this process.

Begin by identifying your interests. If you are interested in an academic credit-bearing internship or learning more about getting credit for an internship, set up an appointment with the LAS Internship Program by calling (312) 996-0425.

  • Search for internships using
  • Visit company websites. Many companies post their internships only on their websites.
  • See the internship links on our Internet Resources page for other internship sites.
  • Read the books and other print resources available in the Advising Center's Resource Room, UH 350.
  • Develop a list of companies in which you are interested; research industries to find companies that match your goals.
  • Network to develop contacts at desired companies, internship leads, mentors and referrals.