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Get Academic Credit!

  • Review LAS internship general eligibility guidelines below
  • Meet with a department advisor for course options
  • Check out LAS 289 and make an appointment with an advisor at student.las.uic.edu

General LAS Internship Guidelines

  • You can begin after completing 30 credit hours at UIC
  • Transfer students must have one semester of UIC grades posted (12-15 credit hours) to intern
  • You must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5/4.0
  • You can do one internship per semester

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Internship Courses by Departments

Eligibility for credit is dependent on your academic department. Currently the following departments have internship courses.  Read the course description in the UIC catalog carefully for pre-requisites, department requirements and restrictions.

Please reach out to your departmental advisor to review the course approval process and specific course eligibility. 

LAS 289

The LAS 289 Internship course is available every fall, spring and summer semesters for elective credit.

  • Earn 1-3 credit hours, repeatable to a maximum of 6 credit hours
  • All General LAS Internship Guidelines apply (above)
  • Subject to approval of the LAS Internship Program Office
  • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading
  • Mandatory course attendance, readings, and course assignments required
  • Internship site supervisor is required to submit mid-term and final evaluation on student performance

LAS 289 Application Steps

  1. Confirm that you meet Eligibility Requirements above
  2. Watch the LAS 289 Webinar
  3. Secure an internship first
  4. Download the proposal to apply to enroll in LAS 289. LAS Internship 289 Full Proposal Form Final

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