LAS Internship Program

Welcome to the LAS Internship Program!

We are glad that you are interested in the LAS Internship Program.  Internships are valuable educational experiences that may enhance your academic program, provide you with significant experience in a professional field and contribute to your career development.

Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain practical hands-on work experience related to their fields of interest or majors before they graduate.   These experiences can provide the following:

  • Practical application of classroom skills,
  • An opportunity to explore career possibilities,
  • Development of your self-confidence, interviewing techniques, professional competencies,
  • Exposure to work with professionals and experts who can assist you in your growth, and most important,
  • Greater employment potential upon graduation.



Special thanks to:

  • The Center for Experiential Learning at Loyola University
  • Kasi Boston, Samantha Clinton, Lily Hansen, Kate McCarter, and Gregory S. McElroy
  • Diana Lee and Amanda Ringness