Career Development Process

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to picking a major? Do you like a lot of things and feel overwhelmed at the thought of picking one specific area? Maybe you are re-deciding your major, as your first choice turned out different than you expected. Whatever the case, it is okay to be undecided and ask for help. Studies indicate that 30% of incoming students are unsure about their intended major and 65-70% will change their major at least once during their college career.

Picking a major involves more than just picking something from a list. Self-assessments, co-curricular activities, personal hobbies, and coursework play an important role in career decisions. Moreover, this choice is not a life-time decision. You will revisit this career decision-making cycle over and over again, even after college! Changing careers is very common for adults.  

Selecting a major really means you are dedicating yourself to an area of study that will give you a unique background and skill set. Your major teaches you many things, such as how to approach problem-solving. While your major does not “guarantee” your future career opportunities, it does point you in a certain direction. It will be up to you to open doors and chart your own path to success. Think of it as joining a gym. Just because you bought the membership does not mean you will get in shape.  It is up to you. The same rule applies.