For Current Participants (Students & Faculty)

This information should help you understand what to expect as the award period unfolds. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes, but we hope this material provides context.

Confirming Participation and Transferring Funds


      • Checking with Financial Aid Office. Several weeks before the fall semester begins, we write to the Financial Aid office to see whether the research award will have any impact on your financial aid. Some students find their loans are reduced, and if that’s the case we’ll write to you directly about that.  Many students hadn't planned to take the full amounts offered in the loans, and in that case, the loan reduction doesn't have any real impact. We may reach out to you if the Financial Aid office doesn’t have a FAFSA from you, but if you file a FAFSA after being accepted for LASURI, you should check with Financial Aid. You don’t need to file a FAFSA to participate in the LASURI program.  If you don’t hear anything from LASURI – and most recipients won’t – it just means your financial aid has not been affected by the award.  As always, if you have specific questions about Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
      • Confirming Participation. We reach out to your faculty mentors twice each semester during your LASURI project, once at the beginning of the term and once mid-way through the term.  After your faculty mentor confirms your participation, we can transfer the funds to you.
      • Transferring Funds.  Your notification of award specifies the funding type (e.g., LASURI, CAUSA, Thelander, Ganz, Kaufman), the amount of support you will receive each semester, and the number of semesters being supported.  The amount you receive each semester is divided into two equal payments.  For example, if you receive $1250.00 per term, each payment will be $625.00.  
        • The first payment each semester will be made about the third or fourth week of the term, and the second will be made after the approximate mid-point of the term.  After the funds are transferred to you, they will be automatically applied to any outstanding balance on your student account; any remaining money will be released to you. These funds are designed to support you, the student, and have no restrictions. Expenses for the research project itself are sent to the mentor and are called "research expense funds."
        • We begin the process of making your first payment in the third week of the term, after the faculty confirm your participation. We begin the process for the second payment only after faculty reconfirm your participation at about the midpoint of the term.
        • The payment transfer process can take a few weeks. There is no need to ask LASURI about the status of your payment until after the fourth week of the term.
        • The transfer can be expected prior to the dates on which your payments are due.


      • Confirming Department for Research Expense Funds. Either before the fall semester begins, or as part of the process confirming student participation, we write to you to confirm where you’d like your research support sent. A few faculty mentors have appointments in more than one unit, and if so, you may have a preference for where these funds are disbursed. This process allows us to accommodate such preferences.
      • Confirming Participation. We reach out to you twice each semester during the LASURI period, once at the beginning of the term and once mid-way through the term.  After you confirm the student's participation, we can transfer the appropriate funds to the student. Thus, during the course of a full-year award, we will ask you to confirm the student's participation four times.
      • Transferring Research Expense Support.  After you confirm the student's participation for the first time during the LASURI period (typically at the beginning of the fall term, because most students begin their work in the fall), we will transfer the research expense funds to your preferred department. The amount of research expense support is included in your notification of award. This single transfer is a lump sum representing the total research expense support being provided. 
        • Any expenses related to the research project are acceptable. This includes laboratory reagents, equipment, study participant compensation, student conference travel funds, books, etc. 
        • Your department administrator can help you with the procurement of items; you will follow the same processes as purchasing any other university property or traveling on any other university business.
        • Items purchased with LASURI funds remain university property.
        • If you have any other questions, please contact LASURI

The Public Presentation

Once you have completed your research project, your final task is to present your work in a public forum and submit an abstract to LASURI. Students are expected to present at the UIC Student Research Forum. Students may also discuss their work at department colloquia, at national undergraduate research conferences, and at professional conferences. If you will be unable to present your work at the UIC Student Research Forum, permission from both your Faculty Mentor and the LASURI committee is needed to substitute an alternate venue.  

Preparing for the Presentation.  Pay attention to deadlines and opportunities associated with the Student Research Forum. You must register if you want to present your work at the Student Research Forum -- typically by late March for the Forum taking place in mid-April. To help you prepare, the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and the Honors College typically offer a series of workshops in March to help you prepare for the Research Forum. These are open to all UIC students and cover topics such as how to prepare an abstract and how to prepare and present a poster.  Consult the Forum's web site to keep abreast of the Student Research Forum, register, and find links to many helpful resources (including the workshops). The available spaces fill quickly, so early registration for the Forum is strongly recommended -- keep checking the Forum's web site for announcements regarding the coming year's event.

Acknowledging the Funding Source.  Please acknowledge the funding source in your public presentations. As an example, you might include something like one of the following: "This research was supported by the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI)." "The author is grateful to the Cheryl Ganz Award for its support of this research." "This research was supported in part by the Howard L. Kaufman Undergraduate Student Research Award." "This research was made possible by the Dorothy Thelander Award."



Once you presented your work in a public forum, your final task is to submit your final abstract using the Abstract Submission Form .  

The Abstract Submission Form resides on the UIC Google Drive. Anyone with the link may access the form. It is a Word document.  Please download the document and do a "save as," appending your last name to the document title (filename), and keeping the .doc extension so we can open the document after you send it.  For example, if the file on the Google Drive is named "LASURI-Final-Abstract-AY2015-2016.doc" and your last name is Lind, please save the file as  "LASURI-Final-Abstract-AY2015-2016-LIND.doc".  Please provide the information requested, and email the finished document to .  

We welcome photographs of you engaging in the research and/or presenting your research; the document offers some details about that and the preferred naming convention for any jpeg files you may choose to send.

Thank you very much for participating in the LASURI program!  We hope you've found it an enjoyable and educational experience.  Please stay in touch and share future research successes with your mentor and the LASURI office!