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LAS Students Earn Major Awards to Study Abroad

Jan 07, 2013

LAS students studying various languages were very successful this year and were awarded various prizes to study abroad.

Annayeli Munoz, a psychology major and French minor, is studying in Senegal this spring. She won three awards totaling $9,250, including the Gilman International Scholarship. Munoz chose Francophone Africa because "it will allow me to learn my fourth language - Wolof -  in addition to my English, Spanish, and French."

Other students with a major or minor in language who are abroad in Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 also won substantial awards:

James Sit, and double major in German and French, studied in Berlin last summer then enrolled in a program through the UIC Study Abroad Office (SAO) for Paris this past fall. He decided to stay for the year. He won $5,000 in scholarship funding through SAO.

Rhiannon Muncaster, a Spanish and German double major and a minor in Russian,  studied in Chile this past fall and won $6,500 in support funding.

Amanda Gillis, a Spanish minor, won $3,000 to study in Mexico.

Devorah Hershkovich, a Spanish minor, studied in Argentina this fall. She won a $3,000 Gilman International Scholarship.

Simona Mirchiva, an Italian minor, won a $6,750 award from a key institutional partner in Italy to study there for the academic year.

Suzanne Oskouie, a neuroscience major and French minor, won $4,000 in scholarship awards for study in France this spring.