Give to the Institute for the Humanities

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Institute for the Humanities at the University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC. You will notice that there are a variety of funds which you can choose from to determine exactly how you gift will be used. Additionally there are more general funds such as the Institute for the Humanities Fund or even a gift at the College level using the LAS Scholarships Fund or the Fund for LAS.

To explore about any of the funds, move your mouse over the name of the fund and a description will appear.

Institute for the Humanities Fund
$ .00

This is a general fund for the UIC Institute for the Humanities. Your gift will support interdisciplinary scholarship across the humanities and funds public lectures, conferences, and working groups exploring topics ranging from "Holy War," and "Slavery and its Aftermath in The Atlantic World," to "Humanities and the Family" and "Surveillance and Privacy n Everyday Life." Recent programs have included "Crisis: Through the Lens of the Humanities," "Food Studies in the Humanities," "Health and Society," "Visual Cultures," and "Documentary Studies." Your generosity makes it possible for the Institute to continue to present all Institute public programming free of charge.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund
$ .00

This fund enables the College to fulfill its commitment to provide critical scholarship support to our undergraduate and graduate students Your gift will help us realize our goal of increasing financial support to deserving students.

The Fund for LAS
$ .00

This is an unrestricted fund providing support for the academic mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Your gift to this fund will be used in a variety of areas including new programs and initiatives; student scholarships; research awards and enhanced internship opportunities for undergraduate students; graduate fellowships; faculty research; and special events designed to broaden the educational experiences of our students.