Fund Listing

The following funds in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC welcome gifts from individual donors. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call the development office at 312-413-3281.

LAS Departmental Funds

The Fund for LAS No. 12332200
LAS Scholarships Fund No. 12332206
LAS Finish Line Fund No. 12341499

College of LAS Scholarships and Academic Award Funds

Adam Kuhn Scholarship for Pre-Med Students No. 12772441
Al & Betty & Scott Brauner Endowment No. 12771297
Arnold R. & Doris E. Bodmer Science Travel Award No. 12773434
The Bernard Shaw Prize for Undergraduates No. 12773596
Davee Scholarship Fund No. 12773339
Dorothy Thelander Memorial Scholarship No. 12773734
Eugene & Mary Tappero Endowed Scholarship No. 12773680
Eugenia R. & Max M. Jacobson M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12772236
Howard L. Kaufman Undergraduate Student Research Award No. 12770352
James A. Hagan Endowed Scholarship No. 12772505
Jeff E. Lewis Scholarship Fund No. 12772606
LAS Alumni Association Merit Award Fund No. 12342241
Peter Elsie May Klassen Memorial Award No. 12774004
LAS Fund for Undergraduate Research No. 12336608
Mario V. & Edith J. Gambardella Student Award Fund No. 12770151
Merrill C. Kenna & Brent D. Nicholson Scholarship Fund No. 12772554
Patricia S. Wager Scholarship Fund No. 12344300
Peter James Barbato Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12771126
Polish National Alliance Hugh Hill Scholarship No.12773223
Raquel M. & Alfredo Garza Scholarship for Mexican-American Students No. 12771913
Robert Corley Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12331267
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12778463
Walter & Mary Knorowski Prize Fund No. 12771164

College of LAS Program and Initiative Funds

Arthur J. Schmitt Endowed Chair in Catholic Studies No. 12773440
Catholic Studies Program Fund No. 12334919
Institute for Mathematics and Science Education Fund No. 12332356
Institute for the Humanities Fund No. 12776925
Institute for the Humanities Stanley Fish Lecture Fund No. 12775711
James & Jamie McNulty Asian Studies Fund No. 12335680
Jewish Muslim Initiative Fund No. 12333669
Jewish Studies Program at UIC No. 12332073
Learning Sciences Research Institute Fund No. 12336516
Learning Sciences Research Institute Informative Assessment Initiative Fund No. 12335293
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Endowment Fund No. 12771901
Women in Science (WISE) Fund No. 12335382
UIC Sustainability and Energy Conference and Seminar Fund No. 12336440

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African American Studies
Biological Sciences
Classics & Mediterranean Studies
Criminology, Law and Justice
Earth and Environmental Sciences
French and Francophone Studies
Gender & Women's Studies
Germanic Studies
Hispanic and Italian Studies
Latin American & Latino Studies
Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Political Science
Slavic & Baltic Languages and Literatures

Funds by Department

African American Studies
African American Studies Fund No. 12334700
Grace Holt Memorial Fund No. 12772308
Anthropology Fund No. 12330403
Al & Judy Blitz Archeology Scholarship Fund No. 12770604
Andean Studies Research Fund No. 12334952
Anthropological Research Fund No. 12335190
Clarice J. Dorner Memorial Award No. 12774010
Joel M. Rothschild Memorial Award in Geography No. 12774293
Joshua J. Terry Graduate Award No. 12771304
Joshua J. Terry Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology (Undergraduate) No. 12771303
Nasarin Mahani Scholarship No. 12771319
Mayan Archaeology Research Fund No. 12332751
Southeast U.S. Archaeological Research Fund No. 12335049
UIC-Field Museum Joint Anthropology Program No. 12333651
UIC Waud H. Kracke Undergraduate Summer Opportunities Scholarship No. 12776061
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Fund No. 12334701
Dr. Don Murphy Research Fund No. 12331094
Dr. Jennifer Schmidt Research Fund No. 12336242
Dr. Joel Brown Research Fund No. 12332717
Friends of Woodworth Prairie No. 12331771
John Lussenhop Memorial Lecture in Soil Ecology No. 12335692
Mark A. Wyatt Memorial Award No. 12775782
McCutcheon Research Support Fund No. 12335520
Simpson Neuroscience Fund No. 12333794
Chemistry Fund No. 12334702
Chemistry Scholarship Fund No. 12330806
Abbott Symposium Fund No. 12334467
Baxter Keiderling Research Fund No. 12330622
Benjamin B. Freud Award in Chemistry No. 12771899
Department of Chemistry Unrestricted Research Fund No. 12333632
Edward G. Rietz Fund No. 12773330
Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Fellowship No. 12770169
Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Prize No. 12770169
Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Scholarship No. 12770169
Lee Marek Research Support Fund No. 12334781
Leonard Kotin Memorial Award for Physical Chemistry No. 12774006
Merck-Ghosh Research Fund No. 12332421
Mike Trenary Research Support Fund No. 12330102
Norman Nachtrieb Memorial Award No. 12774298
Robert Moriarty Research Support Fund No. 12334776
Ronald J. Baumgarten Scholarship Fund No. 12770531
United Therapeutics Research / Moriarty Fund No. 12334304
Wink Division of Chemical Education Inc. No. 12334843
Classics & Mediterranean Studies
Classics Fund No. 12331060
Theodore Tracy Memorial Fund No. 12335486
Communication Fund No. 12334714
Communication Scholarship & Fellowship Fund No. 12342645
Communication Lab Improvement Fund No. 12336447
Harry J. Skornia Distinguished Lectureship in Public Broadcasting No. 12773604
Rose Economou Scholarship No. 12774665
Steve Jones Honorary Award in Communication No. 12770258
Martha and Victor Harnack Endownment No. 12770802
Criminology, Law and Justice
Criminology, Law and Justice Fund No. 12334703
Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Violence Fund No. 12337874
J.J. Bittenbinder Award Fund No. 12772277
John F. Albrecht Memorial Fund No. 12771070
Richard H. Ward Award No. 12774303
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences Fund No. 12334706
Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geology Dept. Award No. 12775775
Andrew A. Fedorowski Field Experience Fund No. 12336641
Kelvin Rodolfo Endowed Scholarship Fund No. 12774688
Economics Fund No. 12331406
Economics Scholarship Fund No. 12343005
Bassett, Chiswick, Kosobud and Stokes Endowed Award No. 12774030
Elizabeth Bass Award No. 12342037
Jim Doti Award for Excellence No. 12772233
R.J. Usauskas Scholarship in Economics No. 12343583
Ronald Moses Memorial Award No. 12774299
Sylvia L. Saffrin Memorial Award No. 12774059
Winifred B. Geldard Undergraduate Economics Award Fund No. 12771970
English Fund No. 12334704
Raymond & Wilma Campion Endowed Scholarship No. 12771544
John & Jeanne Newton Endowed Scholarship No. 12772900
Paul Carroll Memorial Endowment for the Program for Writers No. 12771524
Woods-Lindley Prize No. 12344477
Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation Writing Center Endowment Fund No. 12773346
Writing Center Fund No. 12334592
Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program Fund No. 12335468
Anne Hopewell Selby Memorial Fund No. 12775058
Frederick C. Stern Memorial Fund No. 12333901
Gloria Fromm Memorial Research Fund No. 12331697
Robert & Corrinne Silver Award No. 12774058
Betty Stuart Smith Memorial Scholarship No. 12775803
Graduate Student Research Bonus in Memory of Bernard R. Kogan No. 12774005
French and Francophone Studies
A Department of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
French and Francophone Studies Fund No. 12334705
Dorothy Thelander Undergraduate Student Award No. 12770431
Marie-Odile Sweetser Fund No. 12343572
Professor Peter Conroy Fund No. 12342854
Gender & Women's Studies
Gender & Women's Studies Fund No. 12334581
Cheryl Ganz GWS Undergraduate Student Award No. 12336233
Civic Engagement, Community Service (CECSCO) Award, GWS No. 12340529
Esther O. Kegan Fund, GWS No. 12770869
Jane Addams Fund, GWS No. 12770469
Mary B. Bialas Award in Honor of Margaret (Daisy) Davies No. 12771442
Women's Studies Awards Fund No. 12344502
Germanic Studies
A Department of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
Germanic Studies Fund No. 12334715
German Scholarship Award No. 12341360
Gloria Flaherty and Niels Friedrichs Memorial Fund No. 12776441
Robert Kauf Memorial Scholarship No. 12341877
Hispanic and Italian Studies
A Department of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
Hispanic and Italian Studies Fund No. 12334713
Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Graduate Fellowship No. 12773694
Italian Program Fund for Awards Honoring Emeriti of Italian No. 12342124
Ruth El Saffar Memorial Fund in Spanish No. 12331458
Violet Bergquist Endowed Award No. 12774033
UIC Oaxaca Study Abroad Fund No. 12341041
History Fund No. 12331884
Bentley Brinkerhoff Gilbert Fellowship No. 12771974
Cheryl Ganz Undergraduate Student Award in History No. 12336232
Deena Allen Memorial Fellowship in History Fund No. 12775151
Endowed Scholarship in the History of Poland No. 12772293
History Undergraduate Paper Prize No. 12336535
John B. & Theta Wolf Fellowship Fund No. 12770072
L. Edinger & E. E. Dillon Scholarship No. 12771785
Leo Schelbert Fellowship for History Fund No. 12773456
Peter R. D'Agostino Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12340678
Polish National Alliance Endowed Research Award No. 12773222
Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation Scholarship Fund No.12 773235
Robert V. Remini Endowed Scholarship in U.S. History No. 12773292
Shirley A. Bill Memorial Award in History No. 12771477
Stefan and Lucy Hejna Family Chair in the History of Poland No. 12772318
Latin American & Latin Studies
Latin American & Latino Studies Fund No. 12334707
Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics Fund No. 12335984
Language Learning Center Fund No. 12331544
Linguistics Fund No. 12334708

NOTE: The School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics houses the Departments of French and Francophone Studies, Germanic Studies, Hispanic and Italian Studies and Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures. These departments and their funds are listed alphabetically.

Mathematics, Statitistics and Computer Science
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Fund No. 12332341
Jeff E. Lewis Endowed Seminar in Mathematics No. 12772516
Kathy Hill Cawthon Memorial Award No. 12774025
Liu & Liang Liu Visiting Scholar Control & Information Lab Fund No. 12331272
Louise Hay Department of Mathematics Award No. 12775778
Mathematics Teaching Support Fund No. 12332352
Nicholas A. Yassan Award No. 12772858
Philip Wagreich Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12341177
Professor Herbert Alexander Award Fund No. 12771036
Victor Twersky Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12773768
Philosophy Fund No. 12334709
Irving Thalberg Memorial Lectures Fund No. 12773738
Ruth Marcus and Dorothy Grover Awards Fund No. 12772207
Physics Fund No. 12334716
Contest Fund No. 12771733
Imbo Research Fund No. 12334979
Inder P. & Uma Batra Undergraduate Award No. 12340729
James S. Kouvel Graduate Fellowship in Physics No. 12772435
Nigel Browning Research Support Fund No. 12334072
Ogden Livermore Scholarship in Physics No. 12777540
Outstanding Physics Student Award No. 12342730
Paul M. Raccah Memorial Endowment Award No. 12773259
Physics Awards Fund No. 12334711
Professor Seymour Margulies Award No. 12772655
Sivananthan Graduate Fellowship in Physics No. 12773733
Sivananthan Student Awards in Physics No. 12340271
Sivananthan Undergraduate Research Scholarship Fund No. 12778464
Surface Science Fund - Physics No. 12333979
Political Science
Political Science Fund No. 12333383
Doris A. Graber Endowed Graduate Fellowship No. 12772020
John Echols Memorial Award in Political Science No. 12776275
Michael B. Arrington Mock Trial Fund No. 12771232
Milton Rakove Memorial Fund No. 12775127
Mock Trial Fund No. 12330961
Model United Nations Fund No. 12333216
Peter Knauss Memorial Fund in Political Science No. 12332114
Ron Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund No. 12771641
Twiley Barker Memorial Fund No. 12771251
UIC Frank Tachau Memorial Fund for Comparative Middle East and Turkish Studies No. 12337533
Psychology Fund No. 12333475
Bottoms Research Fund No. 12332728
Center for the Study of Learning & Teacher Development No. 12331193
Christopher B. Keys Award for Early Outstanding Research Achievement No. 12334736
Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning Quasi Endowment Fund No. 12775248
Leonard D. Eron Scholarly Achievement Award No. 12341172
Michael J. Piorkowski Award No. 12774294
Nancy Hirschberg Memorial Award in Psychology No. 12776840
NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social & Emotional Learning No. 12770611
Psychology Student Activities Support Fund No. 12334196
Seroquel & Gene Expression Fund No. 12333783
UIC Collaborative for Advancement of Social & Emotional Learning No. 12330727
Slavic & Baltic Languages and Literatures
A Department of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics
Slavic & Baltic Languages Fund No. 12334712
Cyprian Norwid Cultural Fund No. 12342722
Karpowicz Polish Cultural Fund No. 12342351
Lithuanian Chair Fund No. 12775536
Lithuanian World Community Education Fund No. 12772535
Russian Culture Studies Fund No. 12333227
Serbian Studies Program Research Support Fund No. 12331044
Serbian Studies Support Fund No. 12333855
Slavic Lithuanian Foundation Fund No. 12333926
Slavic Ukrainian Program Fund No. 12333909
Stefan & Lucy Hejna Family Chair in Polish Language & Literature No. 12770388
Sociology Fund No. 12333830
David P. Street Memorial Awards No. 12775070
Mary Rue Bucher Memorial Fund No. 12771557
Sociology Founder's Fund No. 12335173