Academic Integrity/Student Judicial Affairs
Definitions and overview of the judicial process for academic and behavioral misconduct and dishonesty. 

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Please read this section before you meet with or speak to anyone, including family members, about a student.

What is FERPA?
Guide to using and understanding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA Tutorial
Tutorial that provides basic FERPA training.

Sexual Harassment
Information detailing the UIC policy on sexual harassment, and what to do when you or someone you know is being harassed is presented on the Office for Equity and Access's website.

Student Academic Grievances
This document defines an administrative process through which students may seek resolution of complaints or Grievances regarding academic standing during their enrollment at UIC.

Student Code of Conduct
Complete detailing of UIC policies on student academic conduct and disciplinary procedure.

UIC Polices and Procedures