DUS Responsibilities

The DUS is responsible for the oversight and advising of majors and minors in the department; managing undergraduate affairs in the department; and collaborating with the departmental executive officer and committees in assuring the effective delivery of the curriculum. The LAS Faculty Guide to Course Planning, Policies and Procedures is a useful tool that provides general information for faculty about academic integrity and grievances, course drops, end-of-term information, FERPA, grading and grade submission, new semester planning and syllabus preparation, retroactive course registration and Web for Faculty.

General Information about Advising

All undergraduates in the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should have at least two advisors by the time they are required to declare a major at the beginning of their junior year (when they have accumulated 60 hours). The LAS Advising Center advises on the requirements needed to complete the general education coursework and the requirements for fulfillment of the Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) and Sciences (B.S.) degrees. The departmental advisors and Directors of Undergraduate Studies advise students on the requirements for fulfilling the majors or curricula in their departments. Students may have additional advisors from programs such as the Honors College or Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Program (LARES) who provide support and advice related to their programs.

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a critical advising tool which permits the DUS to examine a student's academic history. The Transfer Articulation and Degree Audit (TADA) office provides access to and training in DARS.

Declaration of Major and Minor

The declaration of majors and minors is handled by the departments who offer those programs. A "Change of Major" form is filed with LAS by the DUS or departmental advisor. Please make certain when you meet with a student about declaring a major or minor in your department that the student is aware that courses cannot be double counted. If a student is double majoring or has both a major and minor, each course is designated as fulfilling a course requirement for a single major or minor. No more than two courses in each major may be used to fulfill general education requirements.

Transfer credits

LAS representatives decide whether students will receive LAS credit for transfer work. Transfer Course Equivalency information is available to students via "u.select", a web-based advising system that provides consistent and up-to-date information about degree requirements and transfer equivalencies. The departmental DUS decides whether the transfer coursework accepted by the College can be used to fulfill requirements in the major. If the transfer course has been accepted previously by the department as a course equivalent, then LAS will articulate the course. Otherwise the DUS will decide whether to accept the course, usually based on a syllabus, course material or on-line information about the course provided by the student. If the transfer coursework is accepted to fulfill major requirements, then the DUS will file a DARS exception form. Otherwise, the coursework will be considered an elective. If a student undertakes coursework elsewhere (summer or language courses, for example) while at UIC, the student needs to make sure that the other institution sends to the transcripts to the UIC Office of Admissions and Records as quickly as possible. If the outside coursework will take place during the last 30 hours of coursework, the student must petition the College for permission to waive the residency requirement prior to taking the class (forms are available at the LAS Student Academic Affairs office, 3rd floor UH).

Study Abroad Credit

Study Abroad coursework credit is matriculated under the LAS 299 rubric. If the student intends for the coursework to fulfill requirements for the major, the student must obtain prior written course approval from the DUS. The Study Abroad Office will provide the student with the appropriate forms which must be signed by the DUS after agreement is reached over the courses to be taken abroad, the UIC coursework those courses will fulfill and the requirements to be met. After the student returns and the transcripts are received by UIC, LAS will notify the DUS and send the DARS exception forms needed to transfer the credits from LAS 299 to the agreed upon courses in the major.

Certification of Fulfillment of the Major and Minor

Each semester the LAS Student Academic Affairs sends "Certification of Fulfillment of Major" and "Certification of Fulfillment of Minor" to each department for students who have declared an intention to graduate that semester. Detailed instructions will accompany the forms. Follow the instructions, complete and sign each form, and return all forms to Pamela Palmer Evans in LAS by the deadline given. Failure to meet the deadline may prevent the student from graduating. If any requirements are to be waived, substituted or altered, make sure that a DARS exception form is completed and returned with the student's certification form.

New Course and Programs

New and revised courses and programs are assessed and approved by the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA). The Course Request System is a web-based application used to manage the workflow of all new course requests, changes and drops through required campus approval levels. See the OPAA website for more information about the approval process. Please contact Assistant Dean Trenace Ford to obtain information about the LAS approval process and the Educational Policy Committee (EPC).

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Familiarize yourself with the provisions of this act before you agree to meet with or speak to anyone (including family members) about any of your students. You cannot divulge educational information about UIC students to others, even their parents, unless the inquirer has a legitimate educational interest which is narrowly defined or you have the student's written or in person consent. Pay particular attention to students who are blocking personal information such as directory information. The provisions of this act are detailed and explicit, so err on the side of caution and consult the Registrar if you are in doubt.

LAS Commencement Ceremonies

Directors of Undergraduate Studies often serve as Marshalls at the LAS Commencement Ceremony. Information for the faculty is available at Instructions for Faculty.