LAS Proposal for Conferral of Emeritus Status

The status of Professor Emeritus is conferred upon retiring members of the UIC faculty who have made continuing contributions to the intellectual life and mission of UIC during their careers. It recognizes an ongoing, mutually-enriching relationship with the University. To be eligible for Emeritus status a faculty member must be a retiring tenure, clinical, or research track faculty member in good standing at the rank of Associate Professor or above. In general to be eligible for Emeritus status faculty must have a minimum of seven years of service (exceptions may be requested for faculty who have made exceptional contributions to UIC during a shorter span of time). Recommendation for and conferral of Emeritus status are independent of the negotiation of the retiree’s retirement agreement with the University, and must proceed through the process outlined below.


1. A retiree who wishes to be considered for Emeritus status should inform the EO of the Department in which he or she has his or her appointment, and provide necessary supporting documents as determined by the departmental process.  Supporting documents should include at minimum a current copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae

2. Each Department should institute a process for reviewing Emeritus requests involving, minimally, the EO and Advisory or Executive Committees of the Department, and a vote should be taken on whether to support the request.   The process should be clearly stated in the bylaws.

3. After Departmental deliberations the EO must provide to the Dean a report of the vote tally, a brief explanation of the vote and a copy of all supporting documents, along with his or her own recommendation about the conferral of Emeritus status.  In the case of a negative vote or EO recommendation the candidate is invited to provide a response.

4. Retirees who hold appointments in more than one department at the time of retirement should initiate the review process in each department in which they hold an appointment.  The EO of the department in which the retiree holds his or her primary appointment should collect the reports, vote tallies, supporting documents, and recommendations from all of the departments and provide them to the Dean along with his or her own.

5. The Dean in consultation with the College Executive Committee will review nominations for Emeritus status and send the Provost a recommendation concerning conferral of Emeritus status along with a justification for the recommendation.

6. The Provost (acting as the Chancellor’s designee) will make a decision concerning the nomination and, if a decision to confer Emeritus status is made, send the recommendation to the BOT for approval of the appointment.


April 2, 2012