Teaching Assignments

Teaching is among the signally important functions of the College faculty; teaching, along with research and service, form the three-fold obligation of all faculty members to the College and the University. UIC’s mission of being a leading urban public research university can be realized only if our tenure-line faculty are fully committed to excellence in teaching and related activities. Every department should have a teaching statement that sets clear expectations for the teaching assignments of their faculty.

LAS Standard Teaching Loads

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    4 courses/year
  • MSCS and Psychology
    3 courses/year
  • Natural Sciences
    2 courses/year

Because UIC is a Research I institution, a significant portion of a faculty member’s activity is dedicated to the research mission. If a tenured faculty member does not contribute significantly to this part of the university mission, then there should be a greater contribution to teaching or service. Each department should have a written policy that states the criteria for research-active faculty and strictly adhere to it.

Any deviations from these teaching assignments require the approval of the dean. Some routine exceptions include the following:

New entry level faculty in LAS may expect reduction in teaching load during their probationary period. All such exceptions should be specified in the offer letter, or specifically approved by the dean.

Department executive officers normally teach a reduced number of courses (one-half their regular teaching assignment). The specifics of such assignments are at the discretion of the dean and specified in their offer letter.

Department officers, e.g., directors of graduate and undergraduate studies, are also often granted reduced teaching assignments. These reductions require the approval of the dean.

Reduced teaching assignments for other faculty require the specific approval of the dean.