Years T1 - T3

New faculty will obviously need some acclimation.  There are orientations at the Campus and College level, but much of the support for the professional development of junior faculty will come most appropriately from the Department. 

Each faculty member coming in should be assigned a mentor in accordance with Campus, College, and Departmental policy.

It is usually appropriate to make sure that junior faculty do not take on a heavy service burden while they are getting their research program underway, and EO’s should keep track of what these faculty are asked to do.  It is especially important to be vigilant when junior faculty have joint appointments.  EOs should ensure that the service required is proportional to the percentage of appointment and remain aware of the faculty member’s service obligations elsewhere.

Throughout the probationary period EOs should provide junior faculty with feedback on their performance.  It is also important to be on the lookout for life events or other circumstances in which it would be appropriate to request a tenure hold or rollback.  The circumstances under which these are granted and the procedures for requesting them can be found here

Holds and rollbacks can take some time to process, and must be requested in proximity to the event by which they are justified.  It is therefore crucial that the process be started promptly in any case where it seems as if adjustment of the tenure clock is warranted.