The Search Committee

After receiving authorization to search (always subject to the availability of state funding), the unit executive officer either appoints or calls an election to constitute the search committee. Care should be taken to ensure that the committee is as diverse as possible with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and ability. Search committees should, again insofar as possible, include department members of all ranks. Non-tenure line faculty may (at the unit head’s discretion) serve and vote on search committees, in accordance with the unit’s bylaws.

All search committees in LAS must include at least one faculty member from outside the hiring unit.

Departments hiring candidates with potential interest in joint appointments should alert the other department as early as possible in the recruitment process. The hiring department should forward complete files to the other unit(s) that will take part in the search as they become available, send timely notice of job talks, and allow time for the candidate to meet with faculty from both units during the on-campus visit. The executive officer of the primary hiring department should consult with the potential partner department about the candidate’s acceptability and the possibility of a joint appointment.

The Associate Dean assigned to your search must approve the search committee before the position can be advertised. It is further crucial that the hiring unit keep the Associate Dean informed of the progress at all times.

Departments must send at least two members of the search committee to the hiring workshop organized in the fall. Failure to attend this workshop may result in the suspension of the search.