Screening Process

The search committee must be vigilant with respect to seeking and evaluating a diverse pool of applicants. For example, committee members should not only seek candidates through organizations with special access to members of traditionally underrepresented groups, but also recognize that candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups sometimes follow different educational paths from those of non-minority candidates.

The unit head and/or the search committee chair should ensure that applications are screened by a uniform procedure. At least two faculty members should read every initial application. Please note the files of all the candidates who have applied for the opening must be reviewed by committee and all candidates need to be marked as “Meeting Minimum Qualifications” or “Denied, Not Selected” and the entire listing of candidates needs to be approved by the Office of Access and Equity BEFORE any interviews my take place. As the list of those being considered narrows, it will become possible for every member of the committee to read the entire file of every promising candidate.

In order to arrive at a short list of candidates, the search committee should

  • Read the candidate’s written material
  • Consult evaluations of the candidate’s teaching
  • Contact the authors of letters of recommendation to verify the accuracy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae and, if appropriate, expected date of graduation
  • Whenever possible, screen eligible candidates by preliminary interviews at meetings of professional organizations if OAE approval of the candidate list has been secured in advance of the meeting.

Only after approval by the Office for Access and Equity of the list of "minimally qualified candidates" and the approval of the finalist list by the assigned Associate Dean may the department contact candidates to schedule interviews (including Skype interviews). Additionally, the Director of Budget and Finance, Montanee Wongchinsri  ( needs to approve the expenses associate with the campus visit for each candidate. Use the “Funding Request for Campus Visit” form for approval. Typically the college will approve expenses to bring 3 finalists to campus.

Departments must indicate (in Hire Touch) the stages of review of the candidates.

 Confidentiality is of utmost important when communicating with candidates or potential candidates. No promises should be made to any candidate, in person, by phone, or email until the search process is complete. Committee and department members should refrain from inappropriate discussion of candidates, especially on email. They should similarly refrain from discussing any candidates or specific details of the search with any third parties.