Request for Authorization

If the College is in a position to authorize hires, departments will be asked to submit requests for authorization to search early in the Spring semester. When a department requests such authorization, the unit head must indicate the following:

 The place of the proposed new faculty member in the department’s long-range plans, specifically how the proposed hire will build on current strengths, create a new area of excellence, or satisfy an existing need within the department?

  • Whether the proposed appointment might advance departmental efforts to diversify the faculty.
  • How, given the department’s current structure, the desired candidate would fit into its programs of research, teaching, and, if applicable, service to the university.
  • How either undergraduate or graduate student demand warrants a tenure-track hire.
  • How the proposed appointment might enhance interdisciplinary ties across departments, colleges, and schools.
  • Whether there are internal savings the department is willing to propose as a means of funding this new hire?
  • How this proposed appointment can lead to increased external funding or recognition.
  • The rank of the desired new faculty member (new faculty appointments are normally authorized at the rank of beginning assistant professor. If the department seeks an appointment at a higher rank, it must demonstrate need).

Once a search is authorized, it will generally remain open only during the academic year of the authorization. Final authorization is always subject to the availability of state funding. It is the dean’s prerogative to declare a search failed when a department is unable to identify or hire an exceptional candidate during the year of a search.