Costs for Campus Visits

LAS generally pays for one visit for each of three finalists per faculty search. The general package is transportation (airfare, train, mileage), one or two nights’ lodging, and ground transportation (transport to and from airports at either end of the trip). In some situations, other ground transportation charges may be allowed, (e.g., if taxis are necessary to transport candidates to campus from distant hotels). Unusual situations will be considered and should be brought to our attention ahead of time.

Whenever possible, the department should arrange candidates’ prepaid travel.  Dean’s Office recommends In Chicago Sedan and Limousine at (773) 430-8531. If it is necessary for the candidate to arrange his or her own transportation—for example, when that person is making a multi-leg trip only a portion of which is at the department’s expense—the department should urge him or her to choose the least costly fares.

Candidates may be reimbursed for travel by personal car at the university’s current rate.

Any questions about search-related expenses should be directed to Montanee Wongchinsri ( or  3-2507, before the expenditure is made.

Departments pay for candidates’ meals and other entertainment during the visit. Departments should not include meals by the candidate alone in their budget requests unless they are sure that no faculty members can be present. "Meals alone" are considered on an individual basis. Meals at restaurants in connection with searches must be paid for at the time of the meal with the department’s T-card. It is best to get a receipt that itemizes expenses as per OBFS guidelines. Departments also are required to familiarize themselves with the OBSF guidelines for allowable spending limits. It is also useful to call ahead to provide the university’s tax exempt number (on the T-card). Some restaurants require that you show a tax exemption letter.

It is inappropriate to spend significant University funds on alcohol. Although a modest wine may be ordered with dinner, other alcoholic drinks or expensive wines should be paid by the faculty hosts from personal funds. Please refer to the section on T-Card.