Campus Visit

Final candidates should be brought to campus for interviews with faculty (from several departments), students, and the assigned Associate LAS dean. In selecting candidates for campus visits, as in all aspects of the search process, the unit head should scrupulously attend to matters of diversity. If the department proposes to interview neither women nor members of minority groups, it must be prepared to document fully its efforts to improve diversity during the search.


In preparing for campus visits, departments (only after OAE approval)

  •  submit for approval the list of candidates along with their application materials to the associate dean assigned to the search
  • submit Funding Request for Campus Visit (as an email attachment) to Montanee Wongchinsri ( in the College, detailing the expenses for each candidate. LAS covers the ground transportation expenses (round trip from airport to hotel, round trip from home to airport), air fare, and 2 nights of lodging. The department covers all meals and, where applicable, reception expenses.
  • schedule campus visits ONLY after the college approves the list of candidates and the funding request for the campus visit.


The usual number of campus visits is three per position. In all cases, the number of visits must be approved by a dean. Occasionally, the college or the university will offer incentive programs that allow a greater number of campus visits. A department wishing to invite a candidate for more than one visit must negotiate with the College (the College tends to be flexible about the number of candidates’ visits allowed if no costs are involved or if a department is paying the additional costs).