PhD Not Received

The College makes a contingent offer to a prospective faculty member who has not yet completed all requirements for the Ph.D. or the requisite terminal degree.  If the appointment starts on August 16, it is expected that anyone arriving without the Ph.D. in hand will complete all requirements for the Ph.D. during the course of that first year, preferably early in the year. If the appointment starts January 1, it is expected that the requirements will be completed during the Spring semester. Any candidate who is hired before completing the terminal degree will be employed as a lecturer until the degree is completed. If the degree is awarded and  the candidate is then appointed as of the Spring Semester as an Assistant Professor, the faculty member can choose to begin his or her tenure clock in that year or delay the start of the clock until the following year. The department should keep the college informed of the candidate’s degree progress until she or he receives the PhD degree.