Moving Expenses

The College usually will cover relocation expenses of a new tenured/ tenure-track colleague in the $3000 to $5000 range, depending on location and other factors. The exact amount will always be spelled out in the offer letter. A newly appointed faculty member may arrange the move personally and be reimbursed afterwards or may arrange the move through a moving company with which the University has an agreement. This company is able to direct bill moving expenses to the College. Direct billing must be arranged through the College with the approval of the quote. Reimbursements require original receipts. Some moving expenses are considered taxable benefits by the IRS and as such the University must deduct taxes for them. Examples are house-hunting and storage beyond thirty days. These expenses require prior written approval by the dean. The candidate should work with the Deaprtment business manager on moving expenses. Assistant Dean John Fudacz ( is available to assist the department with these matters.