Appointment of Tenure-Track Faculty

1. early spring Unit Head requests authorization to search electronic proposal to Dean
2. late spring Dean authorizes search electronic message
3. summer Unit Head constitutes search committee (which should be diverse and should include one member from outside the hiring unit) select or appoint according to dept. governance statement
4. summer Unit Head and committee draft outside advertisement and seek approval from Associate Dean electronic
5. summer Unit HR person completes and submits Position Authorization and Position Notice Form for Academic Search (PNA) through Hire Touch (this will come to the College for approval before being routed to OAE) through Hire Touch
6. summer OAE approves PNA and posts to UIC Job Board
through Hire Touch
7. summer /fall Unit HR contact Places notice on dept. website, in newsletters and on websites of professional organizations and other venues electronic/ hard copy
The Search The Offer After the Offer