Soft Money

Every year, departments must submit a request for instructional funds (soft money) to pay teaching assistants and all non-tenure track and visiting faculty. Departments should ensure that the course offerings enable students’ progress to degree. Departments should also take into account the enrollment history of each course and make every effort to offer courses that will meet the college minimum enrollment numbers. The soft money budget request also includes an account of specific teaching responsibilities of each instructor (tenure-line or otherwise) and graduate student, with justification for exceptions from the teaching load of the department. All such exceptions require prior approval of the dean. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that buyout funds are received in a timely fashion.  Soft money budgets proposals for the next academic year should be submitted, through the soft money app, to the college by the announced date (usually in January). The review process usually involves meetings between the college and the department. The final budget is normally authorized sometime in the spring semester; however, departments are expected to request updates throughout the year as instructional needs arise. These requests should be made through the soft money app. The soft money budget for each department for the previous year is reconciled in the annual budget meetings (usually held in fall). Inquiries on the soft money budget process should be sent to Laura Oliver (