Statement of Unit Executive Officer and Statement of Dean

Recommendations from the executive officer of the department(s) and the dean or director of the college or school concerned must accompany the application, including a statement as to what provision will be made for the workload of the applicant during his or her absence. The statement should cover the direction of graduate theses of students for whom the applicant is an advisor. Furthermore, it should indicate whether or not any additional expense to the University would be involved if the leave were granted. Applications ordinarily should not be approved if any additional costs to the University are involved. If exceptions to this rule are to be made, a specific request should be submitted through appropriate channels and should have the approval of the Chancellor. The sabbatical leave options available to faculty are limited to those specified in the University Statutes. No other options should be negotiated or approved. Section 7.f. of the Statutes authorizes the President "to make appropriate adjustments... in exceptional cases where special consideration is warranted."