Purpose of Leave and Statement of Plans

Purpose of Leave

The following are examples of the "concise statement, of not more than 25 words, for informational purposes in presenting the application to the Board of Trustees":

  • "To examine the state of energy conscious architecture, with particular attention to the passive use of solar energy for housing in the Chicago area."
  • "To study feeding mechanisms in carnivores and to develop a graduate course on the physiology of human feeding."
  • "To learn cereal culturing techniques to be utilized in later research."
  • "To complete research and write a monograph on the theme of the American claimant in 19-th Century American fiction, and to read in American literary scholarships."
  • "To search for production of new particles at 1 TeV accelerator."

The following are examples of responses to the query "Where will leave be used?":

  • “Work to be done at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden in association with Professor Karl Tiselius, a noted scholar in my field."
  • "Work to be done on the Urbana-Champaign campus because of its excellent library facilities."
  • "Work to be done at the British Museum (London) and the University of Lima (Peru) which have important archives."
  • "Work to be done primarily at CERN-Geneva, which has the world's best laboratories for this kind of investigation."

Statement of Plans

Each application requesting sabbatical leave must be supported by a description of the activities to be undertaken during the proposed leave. This description "should explain how the purposes identified above are to be accomplished and how the sabbatical will contribute to meeting the goals of the faculty member's unit and the University. It should indicate "where the sabbatical will be taken, the justification for the location, the general plan for the sabbatical and its potential significance or usefulness as a scholarly or creative activity or for the development of instructional material or to increase competence in an area appropriate to the applicant's University duties. The statement should relate the sabbatical activity to other work in the faculty member's field."

The STATEMENT OF PLANS (page 3 of the APPLICATION) will be a statement of not more than 1000 words providing sufficiently detailed information concerning the proposed course of study, travel, research, creative work, or investigation to permit an evaluation of the program to be undertaken. Written to be understandable to faculty colleagues in other disciplines, it should include a description of the proposed research or creative work; an explanation of its significance to the applicant and of its possible role in the furtherance of knowledge in his or her field; and, information on the institution or place where the work will be undertaken and reasons for its pursuance there and then. Please do not include a Curriculum Vitae, research summary, list of publications, or similar career documentation. If additional materials are needed during the processing of an application, they will be requested specifically.