Other Items Related to Sabbaticals

The following items are not applicable to completing the sabbatical leave application, but are required at the time the application is submitted or upon the completion of an approved sabbatical leave.

Non-Research Related Activities During the Sabbatical

Faculty are expected to devote their sabbatical to research and should not engage in major remunerative activities during this time. For questions relating to this, contact Associate Dean Marya Schechtman.

Other Required Approvals

If the applicant is the principal investigator (P.I.) for a federally funded project, and if the P.I. will be unable to actively manage the project for three months or more, the P.I. must designate a substitute P.I. This designation should be done via a letter initiated by the P.I., approved by the department, and processed through Grants and Contracts for sponsor approval. In addition, if the applicant wishes to take University equipment off campus during the sabbatical, an Inventory Loan Agreement must be completed, approved, and filed in the administrative office of the loaning unit before any equipment is removed.

Required Report

Upon returning from sabbatical leave, a faculty member is required to submit, through the departmental executive officer and dean (or director) to the Chancellor, a report in duplicate on his or her study and travel during the sabbatical period. The Chancellor will refer the report to the Research Board or other appropriate campus review board for evaluation and comments.

Submission Deadlines

Applications for sabbatical leaves will be presented to the Board of Trustees at its March meeting. Approved applications are due in the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees on February 1, 2011; campus internal deadlines should be established accordingly. Applications for sabbatical leave should not be delayed while awaiting grant approval; rather, applications for sabbatical leave should be made in time to meet all campus and university deadlines and be contingent upon grant funding.

Questions about sabbatical applications should be directed to Associate Dean Marya Schechtman 996-4687.

Leaves Preceding or Following Sabbatical Leave

No faculty member at any rank should expect to be released from teaching for longer than one academic year. That is, a faculty member may not

  • Take a sabbatical leave that commences immediately after an external or internal fellowship that entails a release from teaching of two semesters’ duration (such as Humanities Institute or Great Cities Fellowships, NEH, NSF, ACLS, Mellon, or Guggenheim Fellowships).
  • Take a sabbatical leave that commences immediately after an unpaid leave of absence, except FMLA and/or medical leave.
  • Take an external or internal fellowship or unpaid leave of absence (except FMLA and/or medical leave) that entails a release from teaching immediately after a sabbatical.


After a sabbatical leave, a faculty member must return to campus for one full year of service (two semesters).