Sabbatical Leaves of Absence

University statutes provide for the opportunity to apply for sabbatical leave for the purposes of conducting research or acquiring new knowledge and competency in their field.  Information about sabbatical eligibility and procedures can be found on the website of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  You will also receive notification from the college when the electronic form is available and the deadlines have been set for a given academic year.  Sabbatical applications are usually due to the college at the beginning of October, although the precise schedule is determined by deadlines handed down by University Administration. 

It is the Executive Officer’s responsibility to transmit the electronic sabbatical application forms to the college by the deadline with his or her recommendation (and reasons for same) as well as a statement as to what provision will be made for workload during the faculty member’s absence.  If there is more than one sabbatical application from a single unit the Executive Officer must assign a priority of low, medium, or high to each application. 

Frequently there will be a rather quick turnaround between the time that the official application form for a given year is made available and the time the completed application is due in the college.  For this reason, Executive Officers should be proactive and encourage faculty who are planning on applying for sabbatical to begin preparing their materials ahead of time.  While the form can change a bit from year to year, it usually retains the same key elements.  A faculty member can, for instance, count on having to provide a statement of research plans.

Before submitting the application to the college please be sure that you have provided all of the information required from the Executive Officer.  Applications are sometimes questioned or returned by subsequent committees because the Executive Officer has not explained in sufficient detail why he or she supports a particular application or what provisions will be made for dealing with the faculty member’s absence.  Please also review the entire application to make sure that all of the necessary components are included and that the applicant has made a compelling case for leave.  The full statement of research plans is especially important, and applicants should know that they are encouraged to provide a thorough description of these plans.

Faculty members who have been on sabbatical are required to provide a report describing sabbatical activities, information on where they occurred, and their significance or usefulness.  Please see the VPFA website to determine the due date for these reports and make sure they are turned in on time.