Resignations, Retirements, and Other Departures From the University

  • Resignations

    Resignations coming very late in the spring make it difficult for the College to plan a coherent curriculum for the following year. Faculty members are encouraged to submit resignations effective the next academic year as early as possible in the academic year, no later May 15, barring exceptional circumstances. Resignation letters should be submitted to the Executive Office. Further information is available from Karen Sholeen (



    Unit heads should urge their faculty members to plan carefully for retirement. Faculty contemplating retirement should schedule an appointment with Executive Associate Dean Dibyen Majumdar as soon as possible, preferably at least 12 months before the anticipated retirement date.


    Rehiring Retirees

    The college does not support rehiring retirees except in special circumstances, usually for a limited period to assure continuity or fill specific essential needs in teaching and research. This requires a Proposal for Re-Employment of a U of I Retiree form. Retirees in the following categories may be re-employed for the purposes described without prior Board approval:

    • Retired faculty members who teach courses, advise students, and perform related duties on a part-time or occasional basis.
    • Retired faculty or staff members who conduct research on appointments funded by grants and contracts.
    • Retired clinical faculty members who are employed to provide patient care on a part-time or occasional basis.
    • Retirees who are appointed as academic hourly employees on a temporary basis.
    • Retirees who are appointed on a temporary basis to perform staff functions when other options are not feasible.

    The Board will be notified of these appointments in writing near the time of each regular Board meeting, and such appointments will have specified end dates.


  • University-Owned Property

    Faculty leaving the University may not remove University-owned property without department approval and the written approval of the dean. This rule applies to equipment, books, software and the like purchased with funds from external grants or research accounts administered through the University, or with funds from the faculty member’s department or the College.