Research Accounts

Some faculty members have been individually allocated funds related to their research and/or program.  These funds may be used at their discretion related to the purpose for which the funds were granted, subject to University policies and procedures.   Examples of research expenditures include:   research assistance, manuscript preparation, purchase of computers, books, supplies, equipment and software, and travel for research and attendance of professional meetings in the United States and abroad. Unallowable uses include:  anything that violates University policies and procedures, course buyouts, permanent residency legal expenses, furniture for a home office and any other personal expenses. Please consult Associate Dean Rich Alpern,, about allowable expenses.

All funding commitments are subject to availability of funds in the College and, although it represents the best of intentions, may be revised in the event of budgetary constraints.  Any equipment purchased with University funds remains the property of the University.

It is the individual faculty members responsibility to manage their budget and not spend beyond the authority they have been given.  However, the department that houses the funds is ultimately responsible for covering any overdrafts.  Therefore, the Executive Officer, should monitor spending and take corrective action if necessary.  The Executive Officer is responsible for all fiscal affairs of the unit.