Leaves of Absence

(Family-Medical leaves and sabbatical leaves are listed separately):

  •  There are several different types of leave: Buyout on a grant: Faculty members can buyout up to half of their teaching load. Normally, the buyout rate is 20% of the nine-month salary for each course. However, individual agencies may have policies that preclude this arrangement. Benefits and SURS contributions continue as usual.
  • Fellowship: In general, a fellowship requires faculty to take educational leave. The fellowship is paid directly to the faculty member. If the amount is lower than the faculty salary, the faculty may, with the endorsement of the department head, appeal to the College to make the salary whole. SURS and benefits continue but in cases where faculty members are not receiving a paycheck from UIC or if it is too small to cover the contributions, they will have to pay the contributions manually. There is a lifetime 24-month limit on educational leave. If the faculty member is not eligible for educational leave, the faculty member may request personal leave.
  • Personal leave (unpaid): Faculty members may request unpaid leave, for example to take a visiting appointment at another institution. Faculty members are responsible for all SURS and benefits contributions. It is against college policy to approve leave for faculty to take any appointment at an institution from which they have an active offer of permanent employment.

 No faculty member at any rank should expect to be released from teaching for longer than one academic year, for example, a year-long fellowship cannot be followed by a sabbatical.