Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination

The central mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to promote and support education and research that will enrich the lives of our students, the broader community, and humankind.  To accomplish this it is crucial that every aspect of our enterprise ensure fair and equal participation in the life of the college and access to the resources required for success.  We endeavor, moreover, to make the diversity of our faculty, students, and staff reflect the diversity of the global city in which we sit, allowing for a vibrant and fruitful interchange involving a wide range of perspectives and experience.

As the Executive Officer of you should aim to nurture this fairness and diversity within your unit, and to inculcate a culture in which the expression of these commitments is part of everyday life.  Resources available for this purpose include the LAS Strategic Plan for Diversity,  the LAS Diversity Committee, the UIC Office of Diversity,  and the Office of Access and Equity.