Absences From Campus

Full-time members of the faculty who have not been granted formal leaves of absence are expected to be in residence during the academic year. Faculty members are obligated to meet classes as scheduled. Any instructor who proposes to be absent from a scheduled class meeting must obtain the consent of the unit executive officer. Arrangements should be made to cover or make up the missed class session.

The unit head should know the whereabouts of and how to reach every member of his or her department at all times of the year. Urgent issues sometimes arise; often a faculty member has unique information or opinion about a matter of department or College business.

Primary responsibility for regulating faculty absences is delegated to the executive officers. They should inform themselves about all faculty absences, and, when the teaching of classes will be affected by an absence, should be able to assure the dean that the quality of education will not suffer.

It is the responsibility of the EO that absences of faculty or staff due to illness are reported and deducted from employees sick leave balance in accordance with University policies and procedures.

Executive officers are required to bring any unexplained absence, frequent short absences, or lengthy absence to the attention of the Senior Associate Dean, Dibyen Majumdar, 3-2510, dibyen@uic.edu