Where to go for what in the Dean's Office

Advancement Fundraising programs, major gifts Wendy Irvine
3-3469 wirvine@uic.edu
Alumni relations Sara Connell
6-0046 sconnell@uic.edu
Advancement communications Sara Connell 6-0046 sconnell@uic.edu
Assessment Accreditation issues Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
AtLAS LAS publication Sara Connell 6-0046 sconnell@uic.edu
Awards Bodmer Award TBA 3-2507
Dean's Award for Faculty in the Humanities Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Dean's Research Grant Support Program for the Social Sciences Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Dean's Award for Faculty in the Sciences Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Faculty Foreign Travel TBA 3-2507
Interdisciplinary Research Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Junior Faculty Research and Travel Award TBA 3-2507
LAS Distinguished Professor Award Beth Allen
3-2504 betha@uic.edu
LAS Faculty Service Award Beth Allen
3-2504 betha@uic.edu
Master Teacher Beth Allen
3-2504 betha@uic.edu
University Awards: (UIC Scholar, Distinguished Professor, Excellence in Teaching) Beth Allen
3-2504 betha@uic.edu
Board of Visitors Wendy Irvine
3-3469 wirvine@uic.edu
Calendar Dean and events Edward Drogos 5-0646  edrogo2@uic.edu
Conflict of Interest/Commitment CMPs, SEAMs, annual reviews, other inquiries Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Counteroffers Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Departmental News and Awards Jannie Kirby 3-4366 jkirby1@uic.edu
Digital Measures Faculty Annual Activity Reporting Agnes Herget 3-7329 aherget@uic.edu
Elections LAS Standing Committees; UIC Senate; All Campus P&T Committee Agnes Herget 3-7329 aherget@uic.edu
Ethics Training Requirements, dates Jorge Martinez Romo 3-2506 jmarti72@uic.edu
Events Coordination and outreach Edward Drogos 5-0646
Financial Planning and Policies Richard Alpern 3-2509

Graduate Programs Stipends, fellowships Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Grants Cost-share requests,PAFs, processing, post-award issues Richard Alpern 3-2509 ralpern@uic.edu
Facilities Renovations, repairs Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Human Resources Academic/Staff Laura Oliver
3-2504 llee@uic.edu
Karen Sholeen 3-2508 sholeen@uic.edu
Graduate Assistants Laura Oliver 6-2169 llee@uic.edu
Jorge Martinez Romo 3-2506 jmarti72@uic.edu
Gwen Lazard 6-3364 gbox@uic.edu
IT support Policies Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Software/hardware Gildardo (Lalo) Camacho
6-9596 gcamac1@uic.edu
Website issues Scott Rozman 6-5237 sfrozman@uic.edu
Helpdesk Gildardo (Lalo) Camacho 6-9596 lassupport@uic.edu
FACT 2.0 program Gildardo (Lalo) Camacho  6-9596  gcamac1@uic.edu
Legal issues Harassment, discrimination, conflicts of interest, employment issues Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510

P-card Policies, accounts Richard Alpern 3-2509 ralpern@uic.edu
Program Reviews External departmental reviews Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Promotion and Tenure/Mid-Probationary Review Process/content/ "paper preparer" concerns Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Diversity issues Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Format/ "typist" concerns Beth Allen 3-2504 betha@uic.edu
Deliver documents to: Beth Allen 3-2504 betha@uic.edu
Program Revisions Course proposals; revision of major / minor Trenace Ford 3-2515 tford@uic.edu
Publications Sara Connell
6-0046 sconnell@uic.edu
Reimbursements P-card / T-card expenditures Gwen Lazard 6-3364 gbox@uic.edu
Non-P-card / T-card expenditures TBA 3-2507
Research Authorization of LAS research accounts Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Policies, liaison with OVCR, other UIC offices Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Records of research accounts, budget transfers TBA 3-2507
RNUAs Procedures, dates Rebecca Lind 6-8094 rebecca@uic.edu
Retirements Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Sabbaticals Eligibility/history Karen Sholeen 3-2508 sholeen@uic.edu
Process/outcome Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Scholarships Sara Connell 6-0046 sconnell@uic.edu
Searches- Academic and Support Staff Authorization Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Freeze waivers/ Ads/A&E approvals Karen Sholeen 3-2508 sholeen@uic.edu
EO/College searches Edward Drogos
5-0646 edrogo2@uic.edu
Diversity issues Marya Schechtman 6-4687 marya@uic.edu
Travel budgets TBA 3-2507
Offers/Startup packages Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Security and access privileges Banner (financial), Data Warehouse, Front End Richard Alpern 3-2509 ralpern@uic.edu
Banner (student), DARS Brian Roessler 3-5697 baroess@uic.edu
Soft money Authorization Dibyen Majumdar 3-2510 dibyen@uic.edu
Send documents/ongoing changes to Laura Oliver 6-2169 llee@uic.edu
Space Requests, changes, conflicts Henrik Aratyn 3-9466 aratyn@uic.edu
Student Academic Affairs Admission, advising, graduation, policies Rosilie Hernández or Brian Roessler
3-2532 rosieher@uic.edu

Summer Session Budget, course offerings, HR TBA 3-2506
T-Card Policies, accounts Richard Alpern 3-2509 ralpern@uic.edu