Las Faculty Service Award Nomination Guidelines


The LAS Faculty Service award recognizes exceptional service to the College.  Recipients will have made extraordinary contributions to LAS via direct involvement with College committees and initiatives and through service to their Departments, professions, and the community that bring benefit to and further the mission of the College.  Awards carry a one-time $5,000 research budget. Up to two awards will be given each year. 


Nominees can be tenured or non-tenure track (Clinical, Research, lecturers) faculty who hold a minimum 50% appointment in a department of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Nomination Process:

Any LAS faculty or staff member may nominate a candidate for the Faculty Service Award.  Nominations remain active for two years, so a nominee who does not receive the award in the year he or she is nominated will be automatically reconsidered the following year.

Nominations are due by April 5, 2019 and can be submitted via email to Beth Allen.

Nomination packets should include:

  1. A letter of no longer than three pages written by the nominee, outlining his or her service contributions of the nominee and describing their significance
  2. A current copy of the nominee’s CV
  3. A letter of support for the nomination from an LAS faculty or staff member other than the nominee

Selection Process:

Nominations will be reviewed and award recipients chosen by the Dean in consultation with the LAS Executive Committee.