Campus and Las Faculty Awards 

Award Name
College Deadline
Campus Deadline
Eligibility Nominator Announcement
Researcher of the Year
n/a October All faculty with full-time appointment at UIC (tenured, tenure-track, research, clinical) Anyone in UIC community
Teaching Recognition Program (TRP)
 n/a Late October
Tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty as well as lecturers, instructors, and adjunct faculty who have teaching appointments of greater than 49% and have been teaching at UIC for at least three years. Self nomination only
LAS Award for Faculty in the Natural Sciences currently suspended for AY 18/19 n/a All UIC tenure-track faculty members engaged in research in natural sciences with the with a tenure code higher than four are eligible to apply but preference will be given to mid-career and senior tenure-track researchers who have already exhausted their start-up funds. Self nomination only Late Fall semester
LAS Research Grant Support Program for the Social Sciences
currently suspended for AY 18/19 n/a Tenure-track and tenured faculty Self nomination only
UIC Distinguished Professor
January 25, 2019
February 2018
Faculty who have made a significant impact upon their field through scholarship, creativity and leadership Department, college or individual faculty members June
UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching
January 25,  2019
February 2018
Tenured and tenure-track faculty with full-time appointments. Must have taught at UIC for ten years. Nominations begin at department level; vote by department advisory committee June
University Scholar Award
January 25,  2019
February 2018
Outstanding faculty members who have demonstrated superior performance in scholarly activities in both research and teaching and who show great promise for future achievements.

Most often departmental executive officer (confidential) June
UIC Curriculum and Instruction Grants (CIG) n/a
February 2018
The CIG is open to tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty. Self nominations August
LAS Master Teacher Award
February  8, 2019 n/a Associate or full professors in LAS Executive Officer
LAS Dean's Award for Faculty Research in the Humanities
currently suspended for AY 18/19
n/a Tenure-track and tenured faculty with at least 50% in LAS
Self nomination only Spring
LAS Mid-Career Award
February 22,  2019
n/a Associate Professors
Executive Officer Spring
LAS Distinguished Professor Award
April 5, 2019 n/a Tenured faculty with 50% in LAS Any faculty member with at least 50% in LAS, needs EO endorsement April
LAS Faculty Service Award April 5, 2019
n/a Tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty with 50% in LAS Faculty or staff in LAS April
UIC Departmental Teaching Excellence Award (DTEA) n/a
April 2018
Open to all UIC units with a teaching mission (departments, programs, schools, and colleges). Self nominations August
UIC Scholarship Support Program
Rolling Tenure system faculty
Self nomination