Notable Alumni

James J. McNulty
Past president and CEO of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange James J. McNulty ’73 understands the importance of the Pacific Rim on the global economy andhas helped sponsor the expansion of the Asian studies Program in LAS.

    Bernard Shaw, 1966

    Former chief anchor at CNN

    Carol Moseley Braun, 1969

    The first African-American woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Candidate for Mayor of Chicago, 2011.

    Gery Chico, 1979

    Former president of the Chicago Board of Education. Candidate for Mayor of Chicago, 2011.

    Ellis Cose, 1972

    Author, columnist and contributing editor, Newsweek Magazine

    Michael Gross, 1970

    Movie and television actor best known for playing Steven Keaton on “Family Ties”

    Nnedi Okarafor
    Pulling from her own history, alumna Nnedi Okarafor ‘07 writes what she calls “plant and creature-inhabited literary science fiction and fantasy,” a feat for which she was recognized with a Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa, considered Africa’s Nobel Prize.

    Leonard Roberts, 1971

    Executive Chairman of Radio Shack Corporation

    Bobby L. Rush, 1994

    Member of U.S. House of Representatives

    Billy Branch, 1974

    Grammy award nominee for “Billy Branch and his Sons of Blues Band.”

    Bill Lamar, 1973

    Director of Operations and Assistant Vice President of Marketing, McDonald’s Corporation Winner of the Silver Medal Lifetime Achievement Award, American Advertising Federation, 2007

    Tony Podesta, 1967

    Founding President of People for the American Way Former aide to President Bill Clinton

    Andy Shaw
    Alumnus Andy Shaw’s ’71 dogged pursuit of the truth once provided staple viewing on the local news, but now inspires the Better Government Association to search for and stamp out waste, fraud and corruption across Chicago.

     Rose Economou
    , 1968

    Independent filmmaker and documentarian for ABC, PBS and CBS Winner of seven Emmy Awards, and four Chicago International Film Festival Awards

    Jean Bogner, 1973

    Member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore

    Barbara Schaal, 1969

    First woman elected vice president of the National Academy of Sciences Named by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

    Carlos Tortolero, 1975

    Founder and president of the National Museum of Mexican Art

     Howard Kaufman
    , 1982

    Director of the Rush Cancer Center and Associate Dean, Rush University Medical Center

     James Compton
    , 1978, MA 1983 Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, United Airlines

    George Crabtree
    National Science Association fellow and alumnus George Crabtree PhD ’74 returned to his alma mater home in 2010 as UIC’s newest distinguished professor of physics and the campus’ special advisor on energy.

    Jaslin Salmon

    Vice President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

    Charles Connor, 1972

    Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the American Red Cross President and Chief Executive Officer American Lung Association

    Michelle Howard-Vital

    President, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Cheney University is known as "America's Oldest Historically Black Institution of Higher Education."

    Rina Dukor
    Alumna Rina Dukor ’86, ’87, ‘91 became so engrossed in her work as an undergraduate that she stayed for nine years, eventually going on to develop a vibrational circular dichroism spectrometer for BioTools, a company she co-founded.

     Donald Johanson
    , 1966

    Anthropologist, Arizona State University, Institute of Human Origins Famous for the co-discovery of the most complete partial hominid skeleton, Lucy, in Ethiopia.

    Michael Nawrocki, 1992

    Writer and Director, Big Idea Productions Voice of Larry the Cucumber on “Veggie Tales”