LAS Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences awards nearly 30 scholarships each year to UIC students in good academic standing. Awards range from $400 to a full year's tuition. About half of the scholarships offered by LAS are financial need-based, while the other half of scholarships are merit based. Many of the awards in LAS are restricted to LAS students; however, several scholarships offered by LAS are open to all UIC students regardless of college affiliation.

The online application period for 2014-15 LAS scholarships has ended. Students will be notified by UIC email when the 2015-16 LAS scholarship application period begins in Spring 2015. The online application will remain closed until then.

Select the student group you will be in at the end of the current academic year, based on hours earned, for a list of LAS scholarships available to you, their eligibility requirements, and how to be considered. Minimum eligibility requirements vary by scholarship, and it is possible to be eligible for and to win more than one scholarship. 

Freshman (12-29 hours)
Sophomore (30-59 hours)
Junior  (60-89 hours)
Senior (90+ hours)
Incoming Freshman


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