Non-Retention Prior to the Tenure-Code 6 Year

An unfavorable review prior to the 6th year may result in the issuance of a terminal contract for the following academic year. The unit executive officer, when considering a terminal contract, should consult the unit advisory/executive committee. In any cases in which you contemplate non-retention, please contact the College; we will, in turn, contact University Counsel. Since a full six-year probationary period is not guaranteed, non-retention may be recommended at any time during the tenure-code 1 through tenure-code 5 years, with a terminal contract given for the following year (Statutes: Article X, Section 1b [6]). Notification to a candidate by the Board of Trustees prior to March 1 during the first year of the candidate's probationary period is sufficient to terminate his or her service at the end of the contract year with no obligation of an additional terminal year (Statutes: Article X, Section 1b [4]).

Formal notice of non-renewal is issued by the Board of Trustees after the executive officer informs Faculty Affairs (please note that at tenure code "1", a terminated employee is not accorded an extra year if notified by the Board of Trustees prior to March 1).

Within one week of recommendation of non-retention by the executive officer, the faculty member may respond with a written resignation effective at the end of their current contract; otherwise for tenure track faculty, a terminal contract must be issued for the following year.

When non-renewal is recommended, the executive officer should strive to give the faculty member as much prior notice as possible and should be as clear as possible about the reasons for non-renewal in an orally rendered debriefing.