Request for Authorization

Early in the Spring semester each year, departments will be asked to submit requests for authorization to search. When a department requests such authorization, the unit head should indicate, in an email to the dean:

  • The place of the proposed new faculty member in the department’s long-range plans.
  • Whether the proposed appointment might advance departmental efforts to diversify the faculty.
  • How, given the department’s current structure, the desired candidate would fit into its programs of research, teaching, and, if applicable, service to the university.
  • How the new member’s teaching and research are consistent with current and predicted student interests and enrollments.
  • How the proposed appointment might enhance interdisciplinary ties across departments, colleges, and schools.
  • The rank of the desired new faculty member (new faculty appointments are normally authorized at the rank of beginning assistant professor, even when intended to replace a higher ranking departing faculty member. If the department seeks an appointment at a higher rank, it must demonstrate need).

In cases wherein the new hire is sought to replace a departing faculty member, the unit head should also stipulate:

  • The departing faculty member’s activities under the headings of research, teaching and service.
  • The specific consequences for the department if the College were unable to authorize replacement of the departing faculty member.

Special consideration will be given to ways of fostering successful interdisciplinary collaborations, both within the College and in collaboration with other schools across the campus.

When a department recommends that a faculty member not be granted tenure, authorization to seek a replacement will routinely be granted. Thus, a department need never fear that its endeavors to maintain high standards through the tenure and promotion process will result in the loss of a line.

Once a search is authorized, it will generally remain open only during the academic year of the authorization. It is the dean’s prerogative to declare a search failed when a department is unable to identify or hire an exceptional candidate during the year of a search.