Chancellor's Cluster Initiative

The Chancellor’s Cluster Initiative was launched in Fall of 2011. Each cluster involves a cross-disciplinary and thematically unified five-year hiring plan which will serve to cultivate diverse leadership in UIC’s academic programs and units, enhance the educational experience of our students, and foster the scholarly, creative, and research activities of our faculty by broadening the array of backgrounds, ideas, and disciplines represented among them. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is thrilled and honored to have been awarded five clusters in the inaugural year. These clusters, listed below, have already begun bringing outstanding and dynamic new scholars to campus, and their hiring plans will continue to unfold over the next several years. More information about each of the clusters, including their organizing principles and hiring plans, can be found by following the links below. Twenty-one proposals were submitted, each of which showed remarkably creative and collaborative thinking. Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to make this initiative a success.

Diaspora Studies
Principal Investigator: Lynette Jackson

Global Urban Immigration

Principal Investigator: Maria de los Angeles Torres

Middle East and Muslim Societies
Principal Investigator: Norma Claire Moruzzi

The Racialized Body
Principal Investigator: Cynthia Blair

Social Justice and Human Rights
Principal Investigators: Jennifer Brier and Anna Guevarra