Information for Faculty and Staff


August 23: Dean's Freshman Welcome Reception (11:30am, East Terrace SCE)

August 24: First Day of Classes!

August 27: Faculty Reception (3:30pm, 302 SCE)

September 10: Transfer Student Reception (4:00pm, 302 SCE)

September 21: Faculty Meeting (3:30pm, Cardinal Room SCE)

October 3: UIC Open House (8:00am, UIC Forum)

November 12: Faculty Meeting (3:30pm, Cardinal Room SCE)

December 3: LAS Holiday Party (4:30pm, East Terrace SCE)

December 11: Fall Commencement (7:00pm, UIC Pavilion)

February 22: LAS Distinguished Professor Event: Nick Huggett (4:00pm, Cardinal Room SCE)

March 30: Faculty Meeting (4:00pm, Cardinal Room SCE)

April 2: Ignite (8:00am, UIC Forum)

April 26: LAS Distinguished Professor Event: Barbara Ransby (4:00pm, Cardinal Room SCE)

May 8: Spring Commencement (10:00am, UIC Pavilion)